HAPPY BIRTHDAY                                               HAPPY ANNIVERSARY_____________

January 3       Leah Robinson                                  January 3

January 5       Tonya Gudde                                                Denton & Darlene Benson

January 10     Tristen (TJ) Connell                         January 15

January 10     Carla Humphries                                          Gary & Betty Paddack

January 11     Becky Martin                                     January 29

January 11     Terry Brown                                                 Gene & Nancy Edwards

January 11     Kevin Kephart

January 12     Robert Talley

January 15     Carson Agcopra

January 15     Michael Anderson

January 16     Diane Corwin

January 17     Kenneth Kephart                              If there is a smile in your heart,

January 20     Jaymie Swearingen                           your eyes will show it.

January 22     Margie Edwards

January 26     Toby Pennington

January 29     Judy Fitzgerel

January 29     Gene Edwards


WHAT HAPPENS IN US   The strongest trees are always those that have weathered the greatest number of storms. The question is not what is happening to the tree, but what is happening in the tree. It is the same with us. It really doesn’t matter what happens to us, but it matters a great deal what happens in us.


DON’T FORGET:  If you are still not attending church because of health concerns, Pastor Josh’s sermon is still on Facebook/YouTube each week. Also, please remember, for your convenience, you can mail your offering and prayer requests to the church. You can also bring them by during regular office hours. Tuesday-Friday, 8 AM-1PM.



During January, Bright Futures is asking for donations of facial tissues. Also, they are always in need of individually wrapped snacks, such as granola bars and crackers.


REST   I just read an article about sickness. It mentioned the truism that one of the principles of healing is rest. If you are sick, you need to rest. The opposite is also true. People who are constantly pushing or being pushed, who work long hours and who are stressed out by trying to constantly meet various demands get sick. So, one of the best ways to stay well is to get rest. I don’t just mean 8 hours of sleep.  We all vary and some do just fine on less. What we all need is time to ourselves. We need time to re-create our inner selves, time to communicate with our Creator and Father. We need time to remember who we are by creation and redemption. Anyone who is too busy to know God is too busy for their own good. If you have not been in touch with God lately, something is wrong. Take time to meet Him. It is the healthy thing to do.        ---Pastor Jay L. Warren