HAPPY BIRTHDAY______________                               HAPPY ANNIVERSARY              

September 2       Zach Buso                                                 September 1

September 3       Joseline Christy                                                    Dale & Becky Martin

September 4       James Sconce                                            September 14

September 6       Chloe Davidson                                                     Doug & Angie Davis

September 7       Julie Brillhart

September 9       Kathleen Kephart

September 12     Donna Brown                                            THINK ABOUT IT

September 12     Kathy Sconce                                            We talk of the second coming;

September 13     Stephanie O’Neal                                      half of the world has never

September 14     Cindy Latz                                                heard of the first.

September 19     Rusty Kephart                                         

September 22     Madelynn Sechrest                                  

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---Birthdays continued---

September 23     Betty Hogan                                              WOMEN ON MISSION ladies

September 23     Olivia Butler                                             made 118 face masks to be

September 23     Devon Phenix                                            donated to the school! Thanks

September 26     Chris Agcopra                                          to all these ladies and to

September 28     Donna Fizer                                               those that donated to this

September 28     Amber Martin                                           project! Great job!!!!


PRAYER LIST  Please let the church secretary know if you have an update or addition for the prayer list. You can contact her by e-mail or telephone or leave a note on her desk.


BRIGHT FUTURES of Holden is asking for donations of Face Masks, New Thermometers, casual shoes, and individually wrapped snacks. If you would like to donate, you can leave these items in the bin inside F & C Bank, or call 816-345-0269 for others ways to donate.


A SHORT NOTE BY JIM SHORT (former Association Director of Missions)

Psalm 13:17—Habakkuk 1:2

Time and time again in the lives of men,

The cry has often been, Lord, how long?

Will we have sickness, drought and sin?

It is here again, and is going on and on.


Many times to get attention of mankind,

You sent floods and plagues and sickness

Man turned to listen and for your fill to find,

So, life returned to success and wellness.


So once again, our cry is Lord, how long?

This virus has infected people far and wide.

It has taken so many lives and they are gone.

We pray You will turn this terrible tide.


Help us, Lord, to learn in this, Your will,

To see the message You teach in Your Word.

May our minds, hearts and soul be still,

And change so as to prove that we heard.


Forgive us for our failure to love one another

As Your word calls on all to hear and heed,

Let us live so we see all as sisters and brothers,

Help us all to yield and let You lead.

Holden First Baptist


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Holden MO 64040

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