HAPPY BIRTHDAY                                                           HAPPY ANNIVERSARY_______

May 2             Kim Hogan                                        May 1      Toby & Brittany Pennington

May 2             Brittany Pennington                         May 19    Don & Diane Corwin

May 3             Nickolus O’Neal                                May 20    Scott & Tina Sechrest

May 8             Sharon Alverson                               May 27   Steve, Jr. & Licia Hogan

May 12           Denton Benson 80!                            May 27   Lee & Peggy Linn

May 13           Shirley Gudde                                   May 31   Joe & Juanita Moore

May 15           Ellie Page                                           May 31   Chris & Valerie Agcopra

May 19           Sarah Rathbone

May 21           Isabelle Sechrest

May 21           Weston Farmer

May 30           Mary Ellen Bowie


STUDY MATERIAL  If you need Biblical study material, we have “Our Daily Bread” daily devotional booklets available to anyone. We can also get you copies of Sunday School literature and a few other short study booklets. Also, our library is full of books for all ages.

TITHES & OFFERINGS: As of today, we are still not able to have online giving. The church computer is old enough that some of the things the service needs to do, our computer refuses to do. You can continue to give your tithes and offerings by mail or by delivering them yourself to the church. Thank you for being faithful during this unusual situation.

PRAYER LIST  Please let the church secretary know if you have an update or addition for the prayer list. You can contact her by e-mail or telephone or leave a note on her desk.



Sometimes we come to life’s crossroads                              >>Wash your hands and say your

And we view what we think is the end.                               Prayers cause Jesus and germs

But God has a much wider vision                                        are everywhere!

And He knows that it’s only a bend.                                   >>The first to apologize is the

The road will go on and get smoother                                 bravest. The first to forgive is

And after we’ve stopped for a rest,                                     the strongest.  The first to forget

The path that lies hidden beyond us                                   is the happiest.

Is often the path that is best.                                                >>Your life is your garden, your

So rest, relax and grow stronger,                                        thoughts are the seeds. If your life

Let go and let God share your load;                                   isn’t awesome, you’ve been

Have faith in a brighter tomorrow.                                     watering the weeds.

You’ve just come to a bend in the road.                             >>Always be kinder than you feel.

            ------Helen Steiner Rice


BUSINESS MEETING We will NOT have Business Meeting in May. It would be very difficult to “social distance” and as of this date, we are not sure of the rules for gatherings in phase one of the back-to-work plan.


CHURCH SERVICES IN THE CHURCH?????? As the new plans for back-to-work and social distancing are presented to us, we hope to begin having Sunday morning church service in the church building! No date is final at this time.  We will all need to be careful and follow the guidelines the CDC, our state and our county have for our safety. Pastor Josh will give more information on this transition at a later date.


SOUTHERN BAPTIST CONVENTION MISSOURI DISASTER RELIEF APPRECIATION DAY Sunday, May 17 is the day set aside to appreciate and pray for the volunteers that serve on our Disaster Relief Team. They serve following tornados, floods, and other disasters. They have a chain saw team that helps to clear the many trees that are blocking access to rescue, clean-up, and repairs. They have teams that help serve food to those affected by disaster. Many others do whatever they can to help and everyone through their actions and words, share the love of Jesus Christ.


YOUR JOB is not to judge. Your job is not to figure out if someone deserves something. Your job is to lift the fallen, to restore the broken and to heal the hurting.

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